Worried about how the learners in  your school / class are going to perform this year ?

During exam season do you cross your fingers and hope that the learners you taught will rise to the occasion and present back the information they’ve assimilated during the year, in a coherent manner, to their examiners to bring academic success.           

 You do you very best to teach concepts and principles to your students.

  • You  present the material in interesting and exciting ways 
  • You encourage and support your learners
  • You push when they need to be motivated
  • You scold when they need to be reprimanded 


 But no matter how hard you try, for many learners you just can’t get the information to stick.

 Because learning is a complex process.       


The learners’ study patterns sabortage your efforts.

When  in the stress of the moment, pressurized to perform, they commit “brain abuse” by  exposing their brain’s to “toxic” doses of caffeine, loading up with junk food and pulling “all nighters”.   Each year you hear the same  tearful stories “Miss, I just went blank”.  “Sir, I got muddled up and answered the wrong essay question”.      

Scientists are only just beginning to figure  out the secrets of how the brain really works.  The new field of science which is combining brain science and biology to create sets of tools which can influence the brain is called neurotechnology.  Neurotechnology will help people to work longer, be more focused and think clearer.   It extends way beyond study techniques to include smart drugs, smart foods, smart music, smart behaviours and smart thinking.          

  Give your learners an academic  boost !

Invite Dr Sandy to your school to find out what neurotechnology is all about in the keynote address………..        

 “Powering up for academic success using Neurotechnology”        


 rewire those “connections” and sign up your class for a “neurotechnolgy workshop”  .         

Small adjustments to learners’ study habits  will make studying more efficient and effective and maybe even a little bit more fun.        

Dr Sandy knows how to study in terms of techniques that work and which lotions and potions really do switch the brain on.  Her presentations are never dull or boring and she can blend science and humour to  communicate neuroscience  in a down to earth language.  The keynote address is suitable for any high school learner, you don’t need to be a biology whizz to grasp the basic concepts and be empowered to learn the way that is most natural for you.        

 What learners have said ……….           

Brain exercisesThabsile Sybill Zwane from Mphanama Secondary School said….          

“I liked getting tips on how to study better and know that my brain has lots of cells and I have to use them”.          

Mufadzi Shaua from Waterford College in Zimbabwe said ….          

“I liked the good examples and how to apply certain things of the brain in our study life and Dr Evans is really nice”          

Londeka Masinga from Blue Hills College said ….          

“I loved the part on how to make your brain work and what is good and not good for your brain and body”          

Let Dr Sandy of a  Spoonful of Science  power up your learners for this exam season by sharing the latest neuroscience secrets of improved cognitive performance.    Book Dr Sandy for  your next event or to find out more about the programmes available.