As a teacher you do you very best to teach concepts and principles to your students.

  • You  present the material in interesting and exciting ways 
  • You encourage and support your learners
  • You push when they need to be motivated
  • You scold when they need to be reprimanded

But no matter how hard you try, for many learners you just can’t get the information to stick.

Because learning is a complex process.

To learn the concept of a cat.   Takes several steps.

Step 1.

Requires the “idea” to be introduced and cat to be “wired” into the brain.

forming the pathway

Step 2.

But introducing the “idea” once is not enough.  The pathway needs to be reinforced and made stronger by repitition.

At this point, the “idea” has been locked down. 

strengthening the pathway


But the brain is very busy, so if the “idea” is not used, over time the pathway will begin to disintegrate until finally the “idea” is locked away in the brain but cannot be accessed.

maintaining the pathway

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