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brain wearing rose coloured beer glasses doorway scrambling brain  
Are you in the habit of wearing rose-coloured beer glasses ? Passing through a door can scramble your brain  
exercised brain swallowing glycogen brain embracing its pet geranium foraging in the memory tree
Feeding the brain in a roundabout way helps you think for longer Painting your desk green will make studying more pleasant You’ve got to hang out in the “right” tree to remember more
stick out a little in class door to the brain sugar silencing the orexin alarm clock
Stick out, just don’t stick out like a sore thumb There is only one door to the brain’s auditory gate Are your snacking habits hitting the snooze button on the brain alarm clock ?
sleep deprived brain brain enjoying music on personal listening device don't just sit there
Pulling an all-nighter leaves your brain unable to think straight Are dangerous decibels drowning out your music Don’t just sit there – hop up every so often and do something
perceptions don't always match reality when it comes to studying dragonflies dying of fright brain being surprised
If you think a topic is easy, then start studying it NOW ! Nonlethal harassment is deadly Your brain needs periodic surprises to keep focused
yawning monkey exam in progress brain shuffle
How to handle being caught yawning during class Exam remembering takes practice under pressure Do the brain shuffle and get those juices flowing in your brain
girl listening to a viking the inverted u of learning student enjoying an A festival
Ladies : Hire a Viking to read to you to improve your recall ability Too much stress can cause a brain freeze Keep your eye fixed on the letter A
cellphone conversations security interupting the pool party
Listening in on cell conversations disconnects your concentration How to avoid spots without spending a fortune Fighting aliens in the living room is good for the brain
brain doodling proof reading tip
Doodle to avoid boredom induced dumbness Are your academic results sleep sliding away ? How to “see” those spelling mistakes that hurt you
brain juggling parcels with a little alcohol laughing brain brain with a leak
Don’t let alcohol hang the wiring in your brain Watching U-tube videos is not a waste a time, seriously ! Plug your leaking brain to remember more
pen is mighter than the keyboard musical brain cannabis terrorizing a brain leading to psychosis
The pen is mightier than the keyboard when it comes to learning Tickling the ivories today, tickles the neurons for a lifetime Smoking pot makes you potty
readers rise to the top of the corporate world trick and treat your brain to beat procrastination brain being driven to distraction
If you want to be the boss, you need to read now Trick and treat your brain to beat procrastination Work and TV are like oil and water, they don’t mix
fit neurons bring home As coffee aroma switching on genes sperm overheating under a laptop
You are getting graded for physical education Coffee aromatherapy can give the brain a bit of a buzz Your laptop might be roasting your future kids
multivitamin make you invincible neuronal stem cell succumbing to alcohol writing to stop exam choking
Is your multi-vitamin an insurance policy or a licence ? Drinking till you’re “motherless” leaves you stem cell less How to avoid choking in an exam
eating with facebook friends terror of brain unplugged downloading files
Facebook is the new kitchen table Hi, this is your brain talking and I am an addict……… How to download more facts into your brain
thumbnail self control thumbnail aggressive face thumbnail puffing brain
How to painlessly activate the self-control muslce Are you more likely to snap if you are “hungry” ? Nicotine keeps your body thin but it’s thinning out your brain

thumbnail cottonwool

thumbnail gravestone thumbnail brainbladder
Scent of fear boostsperformance Happy-go-lucky individuals die long before prudent worriers For BIG decisions bringing in the bladder to help the brain is best