The role of the  “teacher” is to initiate the process of learning. 

You introduce the idea and form the initial pathway.You  build on the pathway, making it stronger by helping the learner to connect it with what they already know.        

  You  reinforce the pathway so that it is a fairly strong pathway.      


  It takes more than this to learn.   The rest of the job is in the hands of the learner.      

  The learner also needs maintain the general wiring and infrastructure as well  reinforce the new pathway – it is a case of use it or lose it.      

the role fo the teacher and learner in the learning       


Few of the learners in your classroom  do their part.

 The few that do are the  top performers – the wired whizzes.      

  These are the learners you love to teach.      

Brain connected

 The majority fall into the Lights are on but no one is home or queasy.      

  The “Lights are on but no one is home”  are making mistakes when it comes to solidifying the “path” and maintaining connections.      

Brain with few connections  The queasy are just not taking proper care of their brain health.  Exposing it to toxic amounts of caffeine, not feeding and dousing it in alcohol every weekend.      

Brain not too healthy because of poor behaviours The final category are the “Defunct”.    Those  people who are in this box, should not be  in main stream schooling.   But you may find them in your class right at the bottom.  Typically they are failing to connect,  abusing their brains and come with a healthy dose of ATTITUDE.          

Brain in big trouble       

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