At Spoonful of Science, we provide a variety of customized resources for organizations and individuals seeking to maximize their performance, through better body chemistry. The information we provide is :

  • Scientifically sound
  • In plain English not scientificeese or marketeese
  • Funny
  • Informative
  • Empowering

We offer the following a range of presentations and resources :

Cheat the Fat Genes – a programme which teaches you the chemistry behind weight accumulation. Understanding the why empowers you to make small changes in your lifestyle, which will bring big changes in your body chemistry and ensure you shed those extra kilograms permanently.

Health conversations – Chat to Dr Sandy over a cup of coffee and explore ways to get your body working at its best ! Both structured and unstructured health conversations empowering you to take charge of your health.

Keynotes for corporate – equip your team to maximize their performance by optimizing their body chemistry

Neurotechnology programme for schools – stop learners from sabotaging their learning through brain abuse.

Neurotechnology Tips, a free weekly newsletter for school pupils and college students, their teachers and caregivers. The newsletter provides advice on how to boost brain performance through brain science.

7 Big Spoons™, our blog which teaches you how to get your body chemistry balanced for optimum health.

E-spoons is a compilation of the posts appearing on 7 Big Spoons blog in the preceding month. E-spoons is published on the first Wednesday of each month and is free.

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The 7 Big Spoons™ are master switches that turn health on.

balance eicosanoids rein in insulin dial down stress sleep vitamin D microflora think
Balance Eicosanoids Rein in insulin Dial down stress Sleep ! Increase Vit D Culivate microflora Think champion