Powering up for academic success using Neurotechnology

The keynote presentation kicks off with a short quizz which gives learners an opportunity to assess their current brain status when the complete “The Brain Audit”.Brain matrix in the brain audit

Learners will then be shown ways that they can take charge of their learning so that they fall into the category of “Wired whizzes”  ensuring  they soak up facts and figures faster and the learning sticks. 

 Topics that will be introduced include

  • smart drugs (and not so smart drugs)
  • smart foods (and not so smart foods),
  • smart music (and not so smart music),
  • smart behaviours (and not so smart behaviours),
  • smart thinking (and not so smart thinking). 

 The presentation will cover a variety of techniques helping learners to take charge of their own learning. So that when they “hit” the books to study, they will be able to soak up the facts and figures faster and the their learning is more likely to stick.

“Powering up for academic success”

  • Includes free assessment
  • Suitable for a large group  of learners.
  • R 3000 / session.
  • Approx 90 minutes but programme can be adjusted to accomodate school/organization. 

 #  Speak to our office if you would like assistance in exploring sponsorship options.

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