The average human has 50 – 75 trillion human cells, plus even more bacteria. To function properly, all these cells need to be on the same page and talk to one another. Cells communicate through chemicals. Cells talking to each other

When your chemicals are in balance you feel good,

when your chemicals are out of balance you feel ……


fatigued, fragile, foggy, frumpy and fed-up

Body chemistry begins with genes. But as science has unravelled more and more of the genetic blueprint, it has become increasingly obvious that the presence of a gene is really only the first level of control. The activity i.e. whether the gene is turned on or off, determines the balance of chemicals in the body.

The switching on and off of a host of genes is ultimately determined by lifestyle.

Lifestyle is actually more than just whether you eat McDonald’s every night and sit on the couch. Diet and exercise are significant role players, but your sleep patterns, your relationships, your hygiene habits, your stress levels and chemical habits all contribute.

Small things can have a big impact on overall health.




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