Why are learners so ignorant.

A lot of this knowledge is what is commonly referred to as “common sense”.   Because it is common sense, no one takes the time to discuss it.  But as a teacher, you are all too aware that “common sense” is not that “common” today.  And pushed for time to complete the curriculum, you do not have time to teach “common sense”.

But a great deal of this information is actually not common knowledge at all.  It is locked away in scientific journals written in scientificeese.    New information on how to improve cognitive performance is constantly being generated as brain science advances.   

We are living in  a new era.  

Advances in  information technology, biology, chemistry and physics are creating a new tools and techniques which focus on the mind.   These new tools and techniques are commonly referred to as neurotechnology.  

Overview of neurotechnology

  • Neurotechnology is helping to design new “drugs” which can be used to help fix broken brains and  potentially keep healthy brains functioning optimally.   
  • It is also developing new diagnostics which makes it easier to figure out what is going on in the brain – these diagnostics are not only used in medicine but are being used to improve the design of advertising and things.
  • Electronic stimulation techniques are just beginning to be able to  wake up parts of the brain that have stopped working well.  
  • The discovery of mirror neurons and growing realization of how our thinking impacts every aspect of our lives, means neurotechnology is creating sets of tools that can be used to improve performance.

As brain science unravels the mysteries of the brain,  this information can be used by astute learners, to push their brains to perform at their best.

Spoonful of Science is able to package the latest developments in neurotechnology in such a way that anyone can understand them and use them to improve their overall brain performance.


  • Entertaining
  • Fun
  • In plain english (not in scientificiese)
  • Empowering

Presentations introduce the world of

  • Smart “drugs”
  • Smart foods
  • Smart behaviours
  • Smart music
  • Smart thinking

Neurotechnology presentation summary

 The presentations are filled with lots of ideas and strategies.   Learners can select the tools that will help them to take charge of their learning, so that they soak up the facts and figures faster and that the learning sticks.

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