Organizations fail when communication breaks down, families fail when individuals in the family stop talking to each other, health fails when cell conversations misfire.

There is so much that can be done to prevent breast cancer, bone loss, heart attacks , strokes and cognitive decline and it all begins with harmonizing “cell talk”.

Cell chatter depends on your genes, your experiences and your environment.  If you listen in on the conversations between cells in “modern man” you will find  the dialogue predominantly negative.  All therapy, whether it be drugs, herbs, food, touch or music, when it works, ultimately leads to improved exchanges between body cells.

Cells talking to each other

In “Tapping into “cell talk” for optimum health, Dr Sandy Evans will expose you to the complex messaging systems used by cells to “talk” to each other.  You will be able to eavesdrop on  everyday conversations – the good, the bad and the ugly.   As the secret language of cells unfolds you will gain new insights into “health” and discover how to  tap into “cell talk” to maximize your own  health.

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