“Cooking” the books

Just like accountants have found ways to cook the books.   There are a few ways you can fiddle the formula.   

 There are countless creative accounts that have cooked the books and got away with it but it is a high risk strategy and there are often consequences.   

 The eat it but don’t allow it to be assimilated strategies  in no particular order are …

  • throw it up  i.e. bulimia
  • Interfere with its ability to be absorbed e.g. orlisat
  • Poo it out  with the help of laxatives

 A twist on this is change the size of the container so it can’t hold much which is what is seen with the surgical interventions such as a gastric bypass or gastric banding.

 Or just to “chop off” the extra bits through procedures such as liposuction

 The consequences of these strategies can range from losing a few friends to losing your life.

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