There are two sides to our equation so it is possible to manage weight by manipulating the energy out side of things.   Unfortunately, this is a little tougher to do but there are many weight loss strategies which work this side of the equation.   Before, we continue, it is important to explain that there are two components to “energy out”.   

How much energy you use just being you (officially known as your basal metabolic rate) plus how much energy you use doing stuff.


Manipulating the energy you use doing stuff is all about moving/exercising.  This is really a no brainer – the more work a muscle has to do, the more energy it needs.  So any serious weight management programme encourages exercising.

 Basal metabolic rate

But what about the energy that it takes to be you (your basal metabolic rate) – can this be manipulated.   Well first things first,  some people just burn more energy than others – it is tied up in their genes.  Pretty sure you’re not in the category of munching machine since munching machines will never need to read this kind of stuff.   

 Munching machine

Friend management

These people are really annoying to be around and you might consider friendship management as part of your weight control strategy.   Socializing for them equals eating, they knibble constantly and are always hungry and looking to snack – you cannot go along with the grazing behaviour because your finally balanced equation will tip.  Restrict contact to phone calls and/or places where the option to eat does not exist (middle of the Karoo ?).

NOTE :    Your hormones play a big role in setting your metabolic rate so it isn’t always just your genes.

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