Weight management 101

Weight management is a very simple mathematical formula. You need to make sure that energy in, does not exceed energy out !

People fall into one of three categories :


The first category are the people who get it right – they neither put on weight or lose weight, the just stay the same because they use what they consume.

Equalizers energy in equals energy out

Skinny bean poles

The second group of people – do not get enough in. This may because they don’t have access to food, a situation that is typical in poor communities in the developing world or they need a lot of energy and just don’t eat enough to keep the equation balanced. These are the skinny bean poles.

Skinny bean pole energy in less than energy out

Hefa lumps

Unfortunately, living in the Western world, where food is plentiful and working physically is limited – it is very easy to shift the equation. Too much in, too little out it accumulates in rolls of fat around your middle.

Hefa lumps energy in exceeds energy out

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