The advances in medicine should mean that every person is in the peak of health but lets face it  most people are getting by with a little pharmacological help.  It is more-or-less a matter of time before you are hit with one of the big modern day afflictions  i.e. heart disease, diabetes, cancer or Alzeihemer’s.

Health gurus love to tell you what to do.  But many people find the advice difficult to follow and still get into trouble from a health perspective despite trying their best to stick to  the so called healthy lifestyle. 

I believe it is time to apply a little science to the “living healthy” dilemma…….

We are all different, what works for one person might not work at all or be harmful to the next.  You need to figure out what is right for you – the 7 big spoons provide an overarching guideline.  Everyone needs to manage these spoons, for some people it will be more difficult, for some it is more important to get it right than for others. The how to do this depends on your genes, your lifestyle and your current health condition.

 The objective of this blog is

  • to introduce you to the “big spoons” as well as a few little spoons
  • to explore the role of the “spoons” in health
  • to assess which “spoons” you might be missing
  • to equip you with tools to load up the ”spoon”s you need
  • to keep you up to date with the latest science

Knowledge is power !  

I have watched family members and friends make poor health choices and costly decisions based on information that is mostly fluff.  I have studied and taught pharmacology for the past 20 years but the information based on good science that  I give my students is not packaged in such a way as to be easily accessible to the ordinary person.   The reason I set up this website up was to make sure ordinary people have access to the best possible information on health topics so they can be empowered to make informed health decisions.

My philosophy is simple.  I believe if you understand the why, it is a lot easier to apply it to your own life and you are a lot less likely to end up wasting time and money on lotions and potions that serve little to no purpose but to make other people rich.