Are you organizing the Christmas function this year ?

Whether you volunteered or were “volunteered” arranging the Christmas function it is a challenge. Among the many items on your to-do-list is finding the “right” entertainment.

The right entertainment should be …..

  • tasteful
  • culturally sensitive
  • beneficial but not too serious
  • engaging and
  • centred on the Christmas theme

This Christmas invite Dr Sandy Evans to divulge Father Christmas’ secret weapon which each year “saves” Christmas in a presentation entitled……

“How Father Christmas survives Christmas”

The productive elves and dashing reindeer definitely help Father Christmas with the monumental task of delivering the thousands of presents, to the ever increasing population, of good boys and girls.

But it is his secret weapon that allows him to keep his jolly disposition while travelling across multiple time zones. It helps him navigate the gift laden sleigh, safely through the crowed skies.   It allows him to remember who wants what, and to deliver the right gift, for each child.  Finally his secret weapon gives him the will power to resist the thousands of cookies, so that he can still fit through the chimney.

Father Christmas retains his get-up-and-go with a little pharmacologically inspired tool available to all ……………….i.e. caffeine.

Your audience will be in ‘stitches’ with this hilarious take on the inner sanctum of the North Pole and Dr Sandy will explain how judicious use of caffeine can provide a safe and strategic advantage to living the good life this Christmas.

Download the one page sheet for  ” How Father Christmas survives Christmas