In almost the blink of an eye, our society passed from the industrial age to the knowledge era…… 

 Yesterday natural resources defined power. Today knowledge is power.
Yesterday hierarchy was the model. Today synergy is the mandate.
Yesterday leaders commanded and controlled.  Today leaders empower and coach.
Yesterday leaders were warriors.  Today leaders are facilitators.
Yesterday leaders demanded respect. Today leaders encourage self-respect.
Yesterday shareholders came first.  Today customers come first.
Yesterday managers directed. Today managers delegate.
Yesterday supervisors flourished.  Today supervisors vanish.
Yesterday employees took orders. Today teams make decisions.
Yesterday seniority signified status.  Today creativity drives process.
Yesterday production determined availability. Today quality determines demand.
Yesterday value was extra. Today value is everything.
Yesterday everyone was a competitor.  Today everyone is a customer.
Yesterday profits were earned through expediency. Today profits are earned with integrity.
 From “Empires of the mind” by Dennis Waitely


 is the key raw material for creating all economic wealth. 

Are you inspiring more productivity and excellence from each individual in your organization ?  Are you maximizing  your “knowledge” base ?   Are you turning your company’s brains  into bucks ? 


Is your intellectual capital close to brain dead ?

Success in the knowledge era requires more than time management, change management etc. 

Success in the knowledge era requires “brain” management ……………..

 think faster, think quicker, think smarter, keep going for longer. 

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