Eat like a horse not like a bird

This one on the surface seems counter intuitive but people who eat like birds have often programmed their body to accept that they are living in a world of scarcity.   The consequence is the basal metabolic rate has dropped down multiple notches. 


This one does not apply to you if you go to a restaurant and order the starter, two main courses and a dessert – you are just eating way too much.

But for those who eat lettuce leaves and still look like hefa-lumps, the solution to your problem is to get the furnaces turned up.  You have add fuel to get a big fire so  you need to eat something.  

I did choose the analogy carefully. Eat like a horse, not like a pig.  

We’ll keep it simple – horses eat “grass” and pigs eat, well everything else and then some.  I’m not saying you should eat grass but you do need to pick things that your body needs to work on to digest so good options would be items with a good dose of cellulose / fibre.   The kinds of things that are often described as having low glycemic index would be best.

Refined foods would not be ideal these are easy to digest.   You want your body to “use” energy digesting the food, effectively instead of excercising your heart and leg muscles your’re exercing your gut muscles.

Maintain the equipment

If I asked you to prepare a three course meal using a stove where only one plate worked would you be up for the challenge  ?

Maybe for some of you doing it with a fully functional stove would be a serious challenge but with one plate it would be

  • impossible ? 
  • unpleasant ? 
  • take hours ?
  • a meal, but not a gourmet experience ?

Lots of people do this everyday.  They chuck in the food, but the  “stove” is not working very well.  Key bits and pieces are missing or not wired correctly.   The basal metabolism (cooking) is slow.

It is the ultimate irony of being a hefa-lump.  There may be a lot of you but very often key bits and pieces are missing.  Sometimes because of poor eating habits but sometimes because of your genes or environment you just need a little bit more than other people.  

Some of the key bits an pieces that are obviously different in fat verus thin people

  • The bacteria in the gut
  • The levels of key vitamins such as vitamin D

But the list of things that could be missing is very long.   It could be magnesium, chromium, boron, palmeitoic acid or whatever.

Fixing this is not easy which is one of the reasons why the best advice anyone can give it to  eat a balanced diet with a wide  variety  of plant based foods.    If eating this way is too difficult then explore supplement options. 

Sometimes fixing the hidden hunger (chemical deficiencies) can kick start the metabolic equipment. But,  this is not a one size fits all approach.   It is customized around what your body needs.

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