Increasing “Energy out

So all things being equal, what can you do to bump up the basal metabolic rate.  Well the good news is, that it is possible to make yourself work harder at being you.  The bad news, it is WORK – and work is seldom pleasurable.   You’ve probably accidently used these strategies at different times in your life.  

Freeze yourself

One idea, is freeze yourself !  Okay, not actually so that you turn into a solid block of meat but dropping the temperature will make you body work harder to keep you warm and toasty.  Let me clarify, you need to make your body work to make you warm and toasty not create a warm and toasty environment for your body.   When you are shivering and look like a recently plucked chicken this corresponds to your body working to make you warm and toasty.   Not so keen ? 

Scare yourself

Okay, a second idea.  Scare yourself !  When you get a big fright, your body switches into a mode which is affectionately called the “Flight and fright” response.  Easiest way to explain this is to think what would happen if suddenly a big woolly mammoth appeared before you.   If you’re struggling with picture, try your boss / teacher / angry neighbour …..

 Big woolly mammoth

  • Blood pressure is up,
  • heart rate is up,
  • you’re energized and good to go. 

These physiological responses translate into energy being used ……

Maybe strategically placing spiders around the house doesn’t grab your fancy.  Well, this state of anxiety can be created pharmacologically by using a stimulant such as caffeine, cocaine, amphetamines etc.   They all work but you need to be aware they often most come with  few  pesky little problems

It is easy to transition form  the super energized to feaked out swinging from the ceilings.

 Freaked out

But probably the biggest problem with this catergory of drugs is the dependence, both physical i.e. body freaks out when you don’t get it, and psychological i.e. mind freaks out when you don’t get enough of it.   In fact, when you are psychological dependent you will sell your soul to get your next fix and might even stop bothering doing basics like grooming as well as eating. 

Most “lotion and potion” diet products include a stimulant or two.  Common inclusions are caffeine, ephedrine etc.  You can also get a couple of these stimulants from your doctor.  Long term, you do need to be cautious since effectively you’re a living in a state of “panic” all the time.  A racing heart etc.  Drives up the blood pressure leading to  new problems.

But the one stimulant on the list which is worth considering is caffeine.   Both psychologists and pharmacologists agree that caffeine doesn’t cause true dependence.  Plus, you can buy it in the supermarket so there is no need to hang around in dodgy dark corners procuring the stuff or sponsor your doctors next holiday

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