Hormones that perpetuate  hefa lumping


Thyroid problems (too little) can sometimes put your basal metabolic rate into a coma.  It might be worth getting this checked if you suspect there is a serious disconnect between your  “energy in – energy out” story.  The blood test is a bit pricey  but the problem can be “fixed” with a little pharmacological intervention.       

 The other big culprit that skews the equation are  the female hormones particularly progesterone.        

 Again, maybe not the most practical advice since if you’re women, you’ve got them so how the hell do you “watch’ them.  I agree,  “watching”  the hormones you produce is pretty near impossible but  you can and should “watch” the extras you add.        

HormoFemale hormonesnal Contraceptives

Most women of reproductive age are using some kind of hormonal contraceptive – the pill, the patch.    It is widely accepted that hormonal birth control can pile on the pounds independently of what is on your plate.  It isn’t guaranteed so for some women it makes no difference but for others it is like being on the fast track to hefa-lump central.  So,  if you’re hefa-lumping for  reasons other than consumption of mass quantities of food – this might be the problem.  
I am not advocating you just stop using all forms of birth control because if you’re having sex, the chances of ballooning out are pretty high.  Pregnancy will equal significant weight gain due to a completely new equation kicking in.   But there are non-hormonal forms of birth control which you might want to seriously consider and sometimes a change in formulation i.e. using a different product can help.  





Stress hormones

Finally you also need to watch the stress hormone (cortisol).    If only the pharmaceutical industry had invented a drug which turned off stress but  alas “fixing” this is the great  challenge of the modern era.    


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